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Chota Tundra "Hippies" Hip Waders - Breathable Sock w/ Gravel Guard

Sometimes, you need a hip wader. Other times, you need a knee high wading sock. Every once in a while, you need something in between. Instead of packing a boat load of gear, consider getting yourself something that can do it all! The Tunda Hippies feature a new, tougher outer material than the traditional Hippies, with no noticeable weight increase! The Chota Tundra Hippies are designed for adventurous folks that tend to take the road less travelled to get to where they are going. The idea to make a tougher Hippie came from Alaskan hunting guides who wanted a Hippie that could handle the demands of long treks through the varied environment of the Tundra.

The Chota Tundra Hippies feature a 3mm neoprene stocking foot attached to a three ply breathable laminate upper with an adjustable drawstring at the top for a secure fit at any height. The Hippies also have a built in cinch strap just below the knee to help keep the socks in place and help prevent flooding, just in case you go in a little too deep. With integrated gravel guards to keep rocks, sand, and gravel from making its way inside your boot, you’re all set for a day on the water.

Now, you can have it all. These convertible wading socks will be your new favorite piece of gear because they are versatile, comfortable, and durable. For those times you need a knee high wading sock, hip wader, or something in between, the Chota Tundra Hippies have got you covered every step of the way.

  • NEW, 150 Denier Outer Fabric for Greater Abrasion and Snag Resistance
  • 100% Breathable and Waterproof Polyester
  • 3mm Neoprene Stocking Foot
  • Convertible from Knee to Hip Height
  • Adjustable Elastic Draw Cord at Top
  • Nylon Cinch Strap at Knee
  • Integrated Gravel Guards
  • Color, Dark Green