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DS18 Marine Tinned OFC RCA Cable - 4 Channel - 25'

Marine Tinned OFC RCA Cable - 4 Channel - 25'

Out in the elements, you want the best protection for your signal.  DS18 offers high-quality UV and corrosion-resistant wire that will give you the highest signal transfer for your amps.  This increases overall loudness and sound quality by having very little voltage loss because of the high-quality OFC construction. 

These RCAs will be sure to last you a very long time, even exposed to the elements. 


  • Offered in 4 channel configurations to meet the exact needs of your amplifier's needs.

    • High-Quality Split Wire with screw-down point

    • Shielding Construction for Increased Noise Rejection

    • Low-Loss Soldering Wire with PVC Molding Protection

Technical Specifications:

  • Length - 25' (7.6 Meters)

  • Conductor Material - Tinned OFC

  • Cable Construction type - Twisted pair for 4 Channels

  • RCA Plug Material - Metal with Injected PVC Body

  • Shield Type Material - UV Resistance PVC Protection

*Sold as an Individual