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Gill Race Ocean Sunglasses

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Designed to perform in the most challenging conditions, our Race Ocean Sunglasses feature 100% UV 400 protection, anti-scratch polarized lens technology, and a hydrophobic outer coating that sheds water and reduces salt residue, leaving you with a crystal clear perspective regardless of conditions. In addition to the excellent ventilation to reduce condensation as well as nose and temple grips for an unshakeable fit, they feature an adjustable elastic band to keep them securely fastened. Perhaps most important of all, they are floatable, so if you drop them all are not lost! These Race Ocean Sunglasses are designed for the most rigorous activities on and around the water

Product Care

Rinse in freshwater. Use provided soft case to clean lenses.


Race Technology: Superior injection molded lens technology. 10 times greater impact protection, improved clarity, saltwater, and scratch-resistant.


  • Hydrophobic outer coating sheds water and reduces salt residue for clear vision.
  • Oleophobic technology applied to the inside face repels fingerprints, sun lotion, and skin oils.
  • Reduced eye fatigue. Grade 1 Optic lenses are designed to exceed EN safety standards. Glare-free vision. Clear contrasts.
  • 100% UV 400 protection, blocking 100% of harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation.
  • Filter category 3 lenses allow 8-18% light transmission and are useful in bright sunlight, driving, and general purpose wear.
  • Integral floatation technology, designed for life on the water.
  • Polarized lens technology blocks the glare produced by light reflecting off the water.