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Orvis Diver Heads

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Foam Diver Heads

These foam diver heads make tying diver flies faster and easier than ever.

Now, tying diver heads doesn't have to be a frustrating chore. Fast and easy to tie to a hook, these heads are ideal for tying Swinging D fly patterns. With these diver heads, that 5-lb. bass is well within reach.

Ideal for the Swinging D fly pattern. 4 heads per pack. In Black, Yellow, Lime, White. Made in USA.


  • Small ¾" L x ⅜"H; cup face OD ½"
  • Medium ⅞"L x ½"H; cup face OD ¾"
  • Large 1"L x ⅝"H; cup face OD is 1"
  • Foam diver heads
  • Accepts eyes with ease
  • Strong and durable
  • 4 heads per pack