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Orvis PRO Power Taper Line—Smooth

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PRO Power Taper Line—Smooth

Tailor your rod to a wider range of fishing conditions with PRO Smooth Power Taper Fly Line.

PRO Smooth Power Taper Fly Line is designed for loading faster action rods at a half-size heavier than industry standard grain weight. The advanced compound taper design allows for easier turn-over of heavier rigs including larger dries, dry-dropper rigs, nymphs, and streamers. The Power Taper will load a rod deeper and quicker than a traditionally weighted line, helping to enhance "feel" and improve timing during the cast. The 50' head adds length for better line control and loop stability and the longer head excels at on-water maintenance for mending on longer drifts.

4 wt-8 wt.

  • AST Plus treatment provides continuous slickness that incorporates completely, continuously migrates out, works longer, and is eight times slicker than any other slickness additive available for better shooting, improved floatation, and performance. Easily sheds dirt and oils allowing line to perform better longer
  • Orvis Line ID quickly identifies the line with the taper, weight and functionality
  • Enhanced welded loop makes leader attachment quick and easy while holding up to repeated use. Helps to transfer energy more efficiently to the leader allowing better turnover
  • All PRO lines are 90' in length and incorporate three color sections at 8'(stealth tip), 30' (from the tip), and rear taper and running line


Use the following table to understand how sizes relate to different metrics.

Tip 0.5' 0.5' 0.5' 0.5' 0.5'
Front Taper #1 5.5' 6' 6.5' 7' 7'
Belly #1 11.5' 11.5' 11.5' 11.5' 11.5'
Rear Taper #1 5.5' 5.5' 5.5' 5.5' 5.5'
Belly #2 16' 16.5' 16.5' 17' 17'
Running 10.5' 10.5' 10.5' 10.5' 10.5'
Total Length 90' 90.5' 90,5' 90' 90'
Total Head Length 49.5' 50.5' 51' 52' 52'
Grain Wt @30' 130 150 172.5 197 223